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Cobbled Coddiwomple

Saturday 8 May. Weather forecast for Sunday- Terrible. Coddiwomple cancelled around dinnertime. Saturday evening weather forecast? Nice day tomorrow from 11am. What?!!!

Quick re-advertise and reschedule of destination and start time, and we're on again!

Meeting at Beverley at 11am 10 hardy E-YARDers turn up. Split into two Covid compliant (within rule of 6 guidelines) groups of five, Pippa leading one, Hoodie the other.

New member Julian and his wife Joan are introduced to the rest of the group by his tutor, Paul.

A quick brief and the two groups set off in different directions, again, to comply with the rules.

The groups both head north, the destination being where the better weather was, in the words of Crowded House - "Always Take The weather With You"!

North Yorkshire, more specifically a little place called Fryup, yes really, which has a great cafe attached to a centre called the Yorkshire Cycle Hub (/// - yes really!!)

Pippa's group took a direct route, up through Pickering and directly onto the venue.

Hoodie took his group via Malton and Castle Howard and on to Blakey Ridge.

A stop in the grounds of Castle Howard was necessary due to Paul picking up a puncture, which after repair put them only 25 minutes behind Team Pippa!

Arriving at Yorkshire Cycle Hub, outside dining in glorious sunshine saw Fry Up's (see what I did there!) for both omnivors and vegans - the vegan version looking every bit as nice as the meaty one!

Unfortunately the two versions were so nice they were devoured before an image could be captured!

A little socialising between the two groups, from a distance, before setting off in two groups, and taking different routes again, the final goodbyes being made with a quick cuppa at Seaways.

An enjoyable ride out on what was a surprisingly good meteorological day!

The next planned group ride is the Thursday Night Thrash (TNT) on Thursday 13 May


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