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BikeSafe 2021-22

E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) Tutor Hub were invited to Humberside Police Special Operations Unit for a review of the seasons BikeSafe season and the plans for next year.

Throughout 2021 E-YARD have provided Group Tutors to act in the role of BikeSafe Observers alongside the Police riders. Most group tutors have delivered this serice at least once this year.

Mike Allen, Chris Hood, Paul Morton, Denise Rose, Ian Street and Pippa Unwin were in attendance at the meeting from E-YARD

Along with other observer providers, PC Rob Dolman and Howie Fordham reviewed how the new format had worked and been delivered over the inaugural year whilst balancing delivery with Covid compliance.

Rob explained how the administration had been taken over by a commercial company and was coordinated nationally. The plus and minus of this were discussed along with the format.

There had been an e-Learning package produced for 2021 to cut down social contact in delivery of BikeSafe. As the restrictions had been lifted the package was still sent out, but the classroom theory had then been reintroduced to supplement it. Most there agreed this a was a good way to deliver the product and that it should continue.

The attendees then viewed some elements from the e-Learning package, which was generally well received.

After lunch, a general discussion took place regarding the feedback form, how to maximise and encourage BikeSafe candidates to take up advanced training, and what the "Goody" bag given at the end of the session should comprise.

A worthwhile half day for all involved and very nice for the partners, such as E-YARD, to be involved in the development and delivery process.


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