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Autumn Gold

A massive congratulations please folks for Dave Scott who passed his RoADAR Advanced Motorcycle test on 26 September!

Dry all morning, Dave's test was planned for a midday start, meeting (as is traditional) at Beverley Maccies with examiner Chris Hood.

The weather did, of course, let itself down as the practical part of the test commenced!

Dave has two machines, but did his test on the beautiful teenage Super Blackbird!

Dave has been with RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Rider East Yorkshire (E-YARD) since lockdown. Previously a national observer for IAM and a member of ARB, Dave has come to E-YARD due to it's different and refreshing approach to advanced riding (and driving! - Ed)

Having been instructed in the RoSPA way by Rosie, a hard taskmaster, he delivered a solid professional demonstration to the examiner.

Dave is intending to train further and become a member of the Group Tutor hub for E-YARD, and will again be taken under Rosie's wing as he goes through the process.

Great news for E-YARD and testimony to the standards of training provided.

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