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Monthly Group Meeting - July 2020

Out of the darkness!!

With the relaxation of Covid regulations, allowing meeting places such as bars and restaurants to re-open, the clubhouse at Beverley Golf Club was back for business!

With a break of 5 months, a tentative invite was extended to all members for the 'new normal' meeting on Wednesday 22 July.

Well the uptake was the usual average of 22 members, meaning the meeting had to be moved from the usual room into the main room, to comply with social distancing rules!

A brief review of what had been going on in the lock-down by the committee, such as the production of a new Tutors Training Manual, re-qualification of the group tutors and the Covid 19 safeguards being employed by the group. Jo B gave the group an update on the new system for cycle lanes being employed by the Hull City Council.

The meeting then moved outside where Rosie gave a masterclass in POWDDERSSY checks.

The group celebrated Mike Allens Gold and Tutor qualification.

A welcome was also extended to new members, Steve Burns and Richard Cumbers

A successful return to group meetings, which we hope will continue as some normality returns.

The next meet is planned for 22 August at Beverley Golf Club commencing at 1930hrs.

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