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June 2020 Review

Corona-Virus continued to head the news, fortunately in a positive way as the lock-down was being lifted gradually.

With meeting of up to six being authorised RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Rider East Yorkshire (E-YARD) arranged a run out on 2 June as the message from HQ authorised group rides.

Authorisation for bike tutoring was also given the go ahead, and the first job was to re-authorise the tutors and re-start the tutor training programme.

Ian Streets and Rosie as Advanced Tutors were the first to be QA checked by Hoody

An evening run out had Mark Kelk and Guy Gregory QA'd and cleared for tutoring duties and a few days later a run to Scarborough saw Hoody QA Julian Taylor.

A week later, Julian requalified on his third retest with another Gold grade. Well done Jules

Another evening run with new member Dave Scott and prospective member Tim Knowles to Scarbados set off in glorious sunshine, only to be met with an impressive sea-fret on the seafront!

As the government further lifted restrictions, members started travelling further afield, and with others.

Guy headed to the Derbyshire Peak District with others, Hoody and Ian head to Kielder, whilst Kelvin head down WIltshire way

As June reached it's latter half, the sad news was broken to the group that one it's long serving and respected members, Peter Gill had passed away after a short illness.

Peter had been an avid exponent of advanced driving and had tutored for the group well into his 80's. A font of knowledge, E-YARD has lost a wonderful dedicated person with Peter's passing

Another run to Scarbados was in danger of breaching the Covid Rules, but splitting into training bubbles and a social group meant the rideout was compliant - the group just all happened to stop in the same place...

A final run out took place on the last day of the month, with Rosie, Paul Morton and Hoody doing a 'little' 170 miler up to Easingwold, utilising this as a training session for Paul as he continues to strive for his tutor wings.

The location was excellent for the feedback being given...

Rosie continued after Hoody and Paul went home taking Dave Scott out for his initial assessed run - busy girl our Rosie!

There was no formal group meeting due to the continued closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants, which obviously includes our meeting spot at the Beverley Golf CLub, due to the Covid Regulations. There is a planned relaxation of this from 4 July, and the situation regarding meetings will be reviewed in liaison with the Club after this date.

Car tutoring had been on hold since before the lockdown, due to the close proximity of tutor and associate, unlike bike tutoring.

However, Amy Brant form RoSPA HQ published authorisation to resume in-car tutoring from Saturday 4 July, provided all parties within the group delivering/receiving such agreed.

Not a bad month all -in -all, and whilst the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to be prevelant in the country, a tad of normality is starting to creep through into our passion - Advanced Riding and Driving.

Stay Safe everyone, enjoy the relaxation of the regulations but don't let your guard down - the pandemic is far from over

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