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Autumn Coddiwomple

The first day of Autumn had RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) on the road with the biggest turn out of the year!

The gang met at Beverley Golf Club for breakfast welcoming a guest from across the Atlantic, as Pippa's friend Adam joined the ride-out all the way from Illinois.

Yorkshire's weather was kind to Adam, as the sun shone on the beautiful Wolds of East Yorkshire and Moors of North Yorkshire.

Heading out from Beverley the route taken was along the B1248, one of the UK's top rated riding roads.

A back road through to Malton and then on to Beadlam where some Yorkshire Tea was enjoyed - along with the ubiquitous E-YARD tradition of cake!

Paul M chose to hold court whilst at Beadlam!

The ride-out then continued and took in some very interesting and quite technical roads including the challenging Chimney Bank at Rosedale along with suicidal North Yorkshire Sheep!

Lunchtime was enjoyed at Whitby, which, as the group arrived decided to open the heavens on them! After eventually finding a parking spot, the clouds withdrew and the sun re-emerged meaning the fish and chips could be enjoyed al-fresco!

Don't even ask what Guy and Ivan were doing?!!

A final bimble over the North Yorkshire Moors ended with a cuppa at Seaways before the group made their ways home.

150 brilliant sMiles were enjoyed by all, from Tutors to Associates to Guests.

This what E-YARD is all about - Inclusive, Not Exclusive!

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