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June 19 Monthly Meeting SoBS

June 2019 monthly meeting of RoSPA Advanced Driver and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) took place at the Beverley Golf Club at the usual time of 7:30pm.

24 members and guests were in attendance to hear Pippa Unwins presentation on a subject she is passionate about, the Science of Being Seen (SoBS) summarising and speculating on the publication by Kevin Williams of the same name.

Whilst 'bike-centric' the topice was fascinating for both two and four wheel users, explaining the reason SMIDSY collisions occur (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You)

The science behind lateral and cross plane views, high visibility clothing, the difference of contrast and how it effects what can be seen and processed was fully discussed and facilitated with the group by Pippa.

A handout including examples of optical illususion was avaialable for those present.

The whole group benefited from the presentation, riders being aware of why they weren't always seen, and drivers more aware of how to look and see vulnerable road users.

Other business at the meeting covered the ongoing issue of road dressing and the signage on roads subject to this and the legality of such signage.

This ongoing issue revolves around the lack of response from the local council to the question of the use of both mandatory style 'roundels' indicating maximum speed limit, advisory signs which contradict the mandatory. This matter has not yet had a satisfactory conclusion, but based on research by the Chair, John Wright, it appeared that the signs are not enforceable, but that associate and tutors should observe the limits posted, as to ignore would potentially attract criticism shpuld members be seen to fail to comply when riding/driving under the E-YARD/RoSPA banner.

The next meeting of the group is 7:30pm Wednesday 24 July, when Dave Pattenden will look into the pros and cons of the autonomous vehicles - should be quite an intersting, and potentially lively, debate!

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