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A Different Progression

Saturday 11 May was the date of the continuing program developed by RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders - East Yorkshire (E-YARD)

Due to other commitments the course was somewhat different in format as only one candidate was able to attend.

Andy Trevor welcomed his former associate, Paul Taylor onto the Driver Progressive Development day. Paul has only recently qualified (Gold) and is keen to continue his development seeing this course as a great way to hone his skills, and continue to build upon his success.

With only the pair of them, Andy suggested that Paul try the role of Tutor and feedback on his performance. A different approach, but it worked well giving Paul a taste from the other side.

Whilst different from the 'normal' Driver Progressive Development days, this is what the courses are all about, flexibility and dynamic training to supplement 'normal' instruction provided by the group.

New Tutor identified? Watch this space....

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