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Here come the Girls

The first week of true Spring - well you wouldn't expect good weather would you?!!

With the Tour de Yorkshire heading through the area over the first week of May there was always going to be rain - it's the law!

What it did mean though was that most of the potholed roads have been fixed, and there is now some super smooth tarmac to enjoy.

It didn't put the lady tutors off, as Pippa got out with Neil and rode the fabulous Wolds on the green meanie!

(Seaways was the obligatory tea stop!)

Rosie has had a bit of a sabatical, doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes, and hasn't been as active as usual, being involved in pre test assessments mainly rather than direct tutoring.

But May see's her back in the saddle and out with Kev who attended the #ridethewolds event.

Rosie and Kev found themselves at Beadlam for their tea stop after their jaunt over the Wolds from Beverley into the North Yorkshire Moors.

Come on lads! Where were you!

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