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Training the Trainers

As the thought of Spring becoming a reality filtered through, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Rider East Yorkshire (E-YARD) ran a Tutor Training day for both Motorcycle and Car Tutors.

The course was designed to give all the group tutors a base level to develop their own style of tutoring from.

It provided a platform to discuss methods and techniques, and share best practice.

The course was for all current Group Tutors, Advanced Tutors, Tutors currently in training and those identified as potential tutors.

The session was facilitated by group secretary Chris Hood and was attended by 13 candidates, Dave Corton, Dave Hardwick, John Wright, Ian Streets, Andy Trevor, Denise Rose, Charlie Lazenby, Pippa Unwin, Mark Kelk, Guy Gregory, Jo Bowers, Andy Brittan and Jules Taylor

Subject matters covered included "What makes a good Tutor", "Making the right impression", "Lesson Planning", "Training Logs", "Identifying Faults", "Rote Learning", "Peer Review" concluding with group riding advice.

The session took place and Beverley Golf Club and concluded with a late lunch.

RoSPA East Yorkshire Advanced Riders and Drivers continues to develop it's growth and professional approach to Rider and Driver training with sessions such as this and will continue to do so as it goes from strength to strength with a dedicated, highly skilled and trained Tutor Hub

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