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Safety Matters

The following statement has been issued to all group tutors.

It is issued to raise awareness and as part of the RoSPA East Yorkshire (E-YARD) commitment to duty of care to those involved in the voluntary work they carry out on behalf of both the group and RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders, and not in response to anything specific.

Safety First – Tutor Safeguarding

Your personal safety is paramount.

As a tutor you are potentially meeting strangers who could be anyone.

E-YARD registration protocol records details of associate members and with the financial transaction there is a confirmation of identity.

We do however offer taster ride and drive assessments to encourage new membership.

Please consider a brief entry on Facebook , Messenger or private message/text to a nominated person with details of time of session, meet and end point – a photo when you meet up (which can be used for the blog later – don’t make it an obvious issue) is a consideration

Initial assessments should take place on main roads and debrief should be at public places such as cafes – not roadside lay-bys for example

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