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May Review

As May started, the good weather seemed to realise it was meant to be here!

The first Sunday of the month saw the Breakfast Club ride out from East Coast Motorcycle world, led by Martin Bleasby, proprietor of said establishment.

The planned route was hastily chenged due to a small event - Tour De Yorkshire - using the roads planned by E-YARD!

A diversion north was made and a great ride was enjoyed by all.

Rosie endured a wet one with Dave Knowles as he continued on his journey to advanced qualification, but still managed a smile!

Urban Glow, the suppliers of E-YARD motorcycle tutors training vests, released a Facebook 'Focus On' advanced training featuring E-YARD.

Great exposure for the group and RoSPA

Whilst training went on with both car and bike associates, the Annual E-YARD road trip saw Hoody, Rosie, Andy B and Jo head to Europe on a bike trip.

A night in Nancy (no puns please!) then down to Fussen in southern Germany before returning via the Strassbourg area and finally Cochem.

The trip saw mixed weather but great riding in the Alps and Tyrol

On return the group monthly meeting was the next thing on our agenda, with an informative and interesting talk from Dave Burton, the retired head of Humberside Driver Training.

A brilliant night with a large turnout from the group.

May also saw the legislation surrounding the protection of data held by individuals come into force.

E-YARD adopted the advice provided by RoSPA HQ and all members have been offered the opportunity to opt in to receiving information from the the group.

Alwyn went to the 'dark side' (only joking) and took his IAM RoadSmart test qualifying with an IAM 'First'

Well done Alwyn, a great result that E-YARD will take some credit for!

As the month drew to a close, and based on the success of the European trip, a general invitation was put out for expressions of interest for the 2019 trip to Northern Spain in September. If you're interested please contact the secretary

E-YARD continued to support the Humberside Police BikeSafe initiative with Rosie and Julian delivering assessment rides for candidates attending.

June has already started and E-YARD will again be supporting the BikeSafe team on 23 June.

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