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New Tutor Jo, Bow(ers) In!

Congratulations to Jo Bowers who joins the E-YARD Tutor Team as a Group Car Tutor!

Jo, who has been a RoSPA member since passing her RoADAR test in November 2015, and a member of E-YARD even longer, qualified as a group tutor on 27 January 2018.

Jo is an active member of the group, and is a true petrol head, having completed rally driving courses amongst many other driving related activities.

She is a member of the local IAM group as well as E-YARD.

Her dream car is the Lamborghini Aventador (but NOT in orange) - Unfortunately group funds don't run to getting her one as a present, so she will have to do with a Group Tutor badge!

Jo is now planning to take her motorcycle test as her next challenge - maybe next January E-YARD will have another bike tutor too?!

Again, a massive congratulations to Jo on her acheivement

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