Driver Progressive Development!!


It all started with a discussion around the end of summer, looking at developing a program for our car section that reflected the social aspect of training enjoyed by the motorcycle side.

It was decided that to supplement the one to one training E-YARD provided, to start a car driver training sessions, three associate's with one tutor.

The idea being that as one associate was, literally, in the driving seat, two more associates would also benefit from 'driving' in the rear seats (back seat drivers!), learning from input provided by the tutor and group critique could be applied at the end of each drivers session. The process would then be repeated with the next candidate. It was aimed at all levels, from brand new associates through to advanced tutors!

This was E-YARD's first one with Andy Trevor as the tutor and Chris Hood, Jo Bowers and Alywn Tolson the associate's.

First job of the day was to check all the legal stuff then straight on with Chris being the first one out driving.

POWDERYSS checks done Jo and Alwyn were asked to take notes on anything they saw for discussion later in the debrief.

Chris then got on his way on the route which had planned to try and maximise all manner of different roads and speeds limits.

The weather was a nice crisp morning in December and the temperature was -1°c!

As Chris has lots of advanced driver knowledge he showed the other two associate's some very good techniques but he was slightly nervous with three people watching him!

At the end of the drive back at the starting point the debrief started, definitely a nervous Chris at this point!

After a quick brew the nerves were handed over to Jo for her drive, same route but now Chris and Alywn had the notebook and pen!!!

Jo is a tutor in training so it was interesting see her understanding of car control and.

This was also an interesting drive with three sets of eyes watching!

The same as with Chris the debrief was followed by another brew.

Last driver of the day was Alywn, who has never had car training before but is a gold standard motorcycle rider.

After a quick chat about the very slight difference between motorcycle and car RoadCraft the session then started.