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Hull Rotary Talk

E-YARD was invited to attend a meeting at the Hull Rotary Club, Wednesday 06/09/2017

with guest speakers

Julian T (was!) volunteered to be the group representative

Julian's brief was to deliver a talk entitled, ”Driving longer and safer “

The theme was targeted at older members who were well into retirement age

The Rotary Club wanted some information regarding how they can drive longer in life and how to drive safer - the latter certainly being an area we have the skills in!

Julian delivered the "full" advance model, and went on to explain RoSPA's scheme under the Experienced Driver Assessment (EDA) scheme

The point was made that this scheme fitted their requirements and that it did not cost a fortune

How it worked, aimed at giving an assessment of their driving, with a certification after completion of the hour long session was fully explained.

Julian went on to provide some helpful hints and tips and how to "Drive longer and safer" using the system of vehicle control

Due to the age demographic Julian addresses the fact that some members would be taking some form of medication

The effects of potential medical and medication was overviewed.

The talk was received favourably and well and Julian was able to allay some of their 'fears'

Several members of the club made enquiries as to the E-YARD website and meetings.

So who knows we may have some new elderly members!

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