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Tutor Training - Scotland '21

Three years since the last opportunity to run a residential Tutor Training Course for E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) due to many reasons, not least of which was Covid!

The team met at Beverley on Tuesday morning at 0800, leaving about 0900 in pairs, the tutors taking turns to lead and be critiqued, then in turn give feedback on the critique delivery.

The first stop was at Thirsk garden centre, debriefs and partner swaps, before heading north to Corbridge.

Lunch was taken at Errington Coffee house before practicing group riding, drop off system and open road discipline.

A brief stop at the border, then head for a short break and refuel at Jedburgh, before heading north, around Edinburgh, over Queensferry Bridge and up the M90 to Huntingtower and the hotel.

Having booked in, a couple of well deserved sherberts, followed by dinner and an early night followed!

Wednesday morning saw the tutors all sitting a written exam to test their Highway Code and RoadCraft knowledge. After completion of the exam, the team split into two, with Advanced Tutor Ian Streets taking one team, Advanced Tutor Rosie taking the other half and heading out to peer assess and review one another under their watchful eyes.

The methos was to have one lead and be assessed, with the third member of the team critiquing the feedback. This was repeated with all tutors taking the various roles. Not only is peer review invaluable to develop personal skills, but it reminds the tutors what it is like to be on the 'receiving' end of critique.

Hoody stayed back and marked the exam papers, one of which was a genuine Advanced Tutor Theory test for Pippa Unwin, who later in the day undertook the rest of her test, intsructional and remedial feedback, and a Gold standard practical ride.

The riders continued into the Cairgorms, on what turned out to be the hottest September day on record, everyone meeting for lunch in a beautifully backdropped cafe near Balmoral.

Pippa completed and qualified as an Advanced Tutor following her test ride ending at Loch Alvie, Avimore

All reiders returned safely to base and enjoyed another pleasant evening at the Huntingtower Hotel.

Thursday saw a definite turn in the weather, and with the formal training being more or less completed the pressure was off, so a leisurely ride out in torrential rainwas the order of the day!

There was some more one-to-one training between the team, but in a more rleaxed manner, more fine tuning than formal, as the team head to the Kelpies.

A brave man mentioned something about old mares.....

After the Kelpies, a short ride to the amazing Falkirk Wheel for lunch, followed by a fantastic ride back via Knockraich Farm Cafe at Balfron for afternoon tiffin!

The last evening saw the gang head into Perth for a Curry and end of course presentaions!

Leaving the hotel the following morning around 10am, a direct route home was initially taken before cutting off the M74 and onto the A709 to Moffat then taking the awesome borders roads to Eskdalemuir community hub for a light lunch.

After punch it was back to the M74, to the A66 for final dispersal at Scotch Corner.

An excellent mid-week course, in the company of some excellent riders, a great skill development week, and a brilliant test result for Pippa as an advanced tutor.

A few facts, 4 BMW GS/GSA, 3 Kawaski's, 1 Triumph, 1 Honda, out of the 9 machines only one was not an adventure style machine, the capacities of the machine equalling 8900cc's in total!

Average mileage was around 985 miles per machine, so around 9000 miles between the team.

5 succesful requalifying tutor theory tests, 1 Advanced Tutor test.

The next Tutor Residential is planned for May 2022, again in Scotland, but working out of Moffat on the Borders.


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