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Silence of the the LAMBs - Nah!

The inaugural LAMBS rideout took place on Sunday 12 September.

Organised by Rosie, E-YARD Advanced Motorcycle Tutor (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) the ladies only ride commenced at Seaways at 10am sharp - for coffee at least!

Rosie was joined by fellow Advanced Motorcycle Tutor, Pippa, Gold rider, Carolyne, associates Christine and Julia, and new members Jade and Rachel.

Not exactly 'Silent'' LAMBS! Jade, Rosie, Julia, Carolyne, Rachel and Christine - Pippa is behind the lens

The route took the E-YARD LAMBS to Hunmanby Gap, over the spectacular Yorkshire Wolds, with Rosie leading and Pippa bringing up the rear.

Arriving at one of Rosie's favourite spots, the little cafe at Humanby Gap, with spectacular views, the gang enjoyed coffee and cake as they chatted and enjoyed the beautiful Yorkshire Coastline.

Carolyne explains the correct technique to be used when making a quick turn in to the cake and coffee shop as expected by any E-YARD member to Rachel...

E-YARD's 'strapline' is "Inclusive. Not Exclusive" which was designed to let everyone understand our philosophy of inclusivity, no matter what you ride or drive, whatever your gender, height, size, skills, experience, age, everyone is welcome and is treated equally. However, it has become apparent that words need to be backed up with action.

E-YARD are one of the few advanced clubs with a strong female representation in the Tutor/Training hubs, with the group having two lady Advanced Motorcycle Tutors out of a team of three, and a third of the car tutors being female.

The idea of the ladies only rides is to encourage more ladies to join the group, and become involved in Advanced Riding and Driving, in a less intimidating environment.

Whilst E-YARD do encourage equality, and the issue of 'ego' has never raised its head within the group, it is acknowledged that it can be intimidating for some ladies. This maybe down to the perception of male dominance in motoring related activity, which can be seen within some other motorcycle and car groups.

E-YARD LAMBS was created to provide a comfortable introduction to the benefits, both practically and socially. of Advanced Riding, and uniquely, E-YARD as an all encompassing and welcoming club.

E-YARD LAMBS rides are planned to be scheduled bi-monthly and will be advertised on the website, Facebook page and WhatsApp

Oh, and LAMBS? Ladies Allowed, Men Barred Section - it's the only bit of E-YARD that isn't Inclusive!


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