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September '21 Round Up

September turned into a great month for E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire)

It turned into a traditional "Indian Summer" with largely sunny and pleasant days albeit the nights drawing in.

The conditions leant themselves to a final hurrah of TNT (Thursday Night Trundles) with rides toward the west proving somewhat interesting as the sun set!

Destinations for the TNT included the ever popular Thompsons and Hornsea - just need to check closing times for the chippies, eh, Kelvin?

John and Kelvin were Billy no mates as the rest of the crew were in Scotland

The nights drew in, but the faithful still rode out!

The Group Tutor Hub went away for a training weekend in Scotland.

Most of the Tutors were there, and all took a written theory test, leaving Hoody to mark the papers!

Training in the Cairngorms isn't too shabby!

During the week Pippa also qualified as an advanced tutor.

Chris and Pippa joined members of other advanced groups at a HOPPS track based training day at Cadwell Park.

September saw the inaugural LAMBS run, organised by Rosie. The LAMBS head to Hunmanby Gap for Cake by the Sea! The creation of the Ladies Only Men Barred Section, may seem to be at loggerheads with E-YARD's "Inclusive, Not Exclusive" strapline, but it is infact designed to do quite the opposite.

After some canvassing by Rosie, not just within the club, it was apparent that some ladies were put off becoming involved with riding groups, advanced or otherwise, because of the perceived 'male ego/testosterone induced" attitude that seemed to exist. In an attempt to bridge this, Rosie has introduced this initiative to encourage the growing group of lady riders to have a place to ride without feeling intimidated, and to bring them into the main part of the club which really is Inclusive and not Exlusionary.

Plenty of training took place during the month with Bob Stephenson getting into his groove with Paul and Phil. Bob had to split his time between his tutor duties and track day riding at Blyton Park.

Charlie De La Moto was subjected to some serious bike training, including the serious aspect of breakfast cafe requirements with his tutor Paul M! He did gat some riding in as well!

Slow speed control and riding skills have been raised by many members of the club, as an area they would like to have some tuition on. Paul M and Hoody have started to put together a programme of training, or rather support and development of skills. It's in the early stages at present, but it's hoped it can be rolled out in the near furture

As September drew to a close the fourth wednesady of the month saw the Monthly Group Meeting take place at the Beverley Golf Club.

E-YARD members welcomed guest speaker Paul Rainy-Sygrove, a nationally accredited emergency trauma trainer, who delivered an evening of interactive training of how to deal with initial attendance at an accident. Paul covered both motorcycle and car incidents, removal of helmets and stabilisation of victims at both motorcycle and car collisions.

E-YARD will continue delivering training through the Autumn months and beyond, and social rideouts will continue ad-hoc. The Advanced Tutors are developing a foundation course for all new associates which it is planned to be rolled out over the Autumn and Winter period. It will give all members joining E-YARD and the greater RoADAR family a level base to commence their training to become an Advanced Driver or Rider.

E-YARD will hold thier next monthly group meeting at 1930hrs, Wednesday 27 October.

Everyone is welcome, and remember we are Inclusive - Not Exclusive


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