Return to Normality?

Well we're trying!

April 12th saw a relaxation of Covid restrictions allowing groups of 6 to meet outdoors, cafes and bars to allow those meetings and friends to get together (as long as you only have five friends!)

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (E-YARD) decided to open their 2021 account on the first available weekend for their restricted Coddiwomple.

Expecting a nervous small group to want to venture, the club was shocked when 20 members signe dup for the ride-out!

It appears that the "Inclusive, Not Exclusive" group strapline really was true!

Logistical nightmare to keep within the regulations, which meant the group had to be split into five groups with seperate leaders.

This was acheived with Pippa, Dave Scott, Guy Gregory and Chris Hood volunteering to lead liaising with each other to ensure differing routes were taken.

Meeting at Beverley in a large car park the individual group leaders took a corner of the car park each to ensure 60 or metre of social distancing!

Pippa was first to arrive and chose her spot!

Very proud of herself!

After Pippas incerdible 'first' (first time ever first for a meeting!!) the other leaders and riders turned up, each in their own corners.

Guy's Gang