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Pippa Advances Herself

Wednesady 8 September 2021 + Versys X 300 + a Pippa Unwin

Result? E-YARD have a newly quailified Advanced Tutor!

E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) are pleased to welcome Pippa into the Advanced Tutor hub of the group, after she undertook her advanced tutor test whilst engaged on a tutor training week in Scotland.

Pippa was coached by E-YARD' Advanced Tutors, Ian and Rosie, to bring her to the levels required for the intense Advanced Tutor test. Having taken the written theory paper she went on to deliver a first class ride followed by imaginative and excellent instructional feedback and fault identification.

Pippa was formally an observer for the IAM when she lived in Kent, and was an active member of a group down south. Having moved up to Yorkshire she decided that RoSPA was a better proposition and eventually found her calling with E-YARD. She has become an integral member of the club over the past 3 years, avidly engaging in many social activities and is always the life and soul of any gathering.

An outgoing personality has seen her travel throughout the world, her mst recent jaunt being to Ukraine and Chernobyl!

She now joins the team responsible for mentoring the new tutors and supporting the current tutors within E-YARD, supplying the best advanced rider training in the East Yorkshire and Hull area.


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