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July 21 - Saturday Coddiwomple

Tra, la, la - la,, la, la lah....

Thinking of renaming the Coddiwomples name to E-YARD Ice Cream Tours!

Saturday 14 July was something of a scorcher, with record temperatures being recorded at over 30º in the UK.

Meeting at 0930 at Beverley, the intrepid, Fantastic Four, Dave Scott, leading, joined by Ivan Smy, Julian Burton and Rod McAndrew, set out to Sutton Bank and the across to Rosedale. Experiencing some of the alpinesque roads before encountering the circuit of Dalby Forest. There was, of course, the obligatory cafe stop that saw Ivan do the Banan Split!

A brilliant ride-out, very hot and possibly what led to Ivan having an overheating issue - well his bike had a bit of a turn, but, just like it's owner, once cooled down, all was well!


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