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Cars! We're Back!

(Pre Covid Image - we have only just decided to start again!)

Yes! We're back offering car tuition to our associates.

Following a recent committee meeting where the return to car training was an agenda item, it was decided that, as the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) have now recommenced testing and guidelines re training, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders - East Yorkshire (E-YARD) should follow suit.

The training will be subject to the individual tutors agreeing to resume delivery and agreement on sanitisation, mask wearing and opening of windows during sessions.

Most of our group car tutors have agreed to return, so will be contacting their associates to arrange suitable days, dates times and thrash out the finer details of Covid compliance.

It's been a long time, but fingers crossed, this is start of a return to some semblence of normality.


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