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August '21 Round Up

Still wondering if Pippa is indicating '"Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player" or trying to get the pudding to levitate.

August is traditionally a quiet month due to school holidays, family vacations and other domestic summer committments. However, whether a result of staycations or extended summer hols due to Covid, E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire) has been as busy as ever over the August period.

On the social side, the E-YARD TNT' (Thursday Night Trundles) have continued, (weather permitting!) with good turn outs most weeks.

The first one was a run to Harpers at Staxton near Scarborough - started dry, ended wet!

Mr Chair turned up in his car showing that the club is indeed 'Inclusive, Not Exclusive' welcoming four wheels as well as two!

The following eveining was the E-YARD BBQ social event, hosted at the Beverley Golf Club.

An excellent evening was had by all with not only members attending, but also partners as well.

Group Tutor Paul Morton has been immensely busy, with Charlie D and Dave R, over the summer, August being no exception.

Several TNT's (Thursday Night Trundles) went ahead, when weather permitted, ensuring the social side of the club remained healthy!

Other social events included a group trip with personal tour to Elvington Air Museum, courtesy of our very own Kelvin.

Pippa and Christine did a HOPP rider course along with some other friends from IAM at Cadwell Park race circuit, Lincolnshire. A brilliant day learning the capability of their machines, and a real confidence builder for the road.

Coddiwomples took place on the 1st, 2nd and 5th weekends of the month, with car member and Vice Chair, Jo Bowers, joining one of them.

Bubble Car Run Coddiwomple

North Yorks Moors Coddiwomple - August

Qualification-wise, Andy B qualified as a motorcycle Approved Group Tutor

Guy G re-tested and acheived his Gold.

Adam Abel was also fully qualified as an Approved Group Tutor.

Five new members were welcomed into the fold, two car and three motorcycle, two of the bikes as a result of E-YARD being providers to the BikeSafe initiative and having been impressed by our Tutors decided RoSPA was the way forward!

Pippa and Rosie - the August BikeSafe Team!

A very busy month, considering it is normally quiet due to holidays!


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