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Monthly Group Meeting - August 2020

Wednesday 26 August was the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) monthly meeting.

Held as usual, at the Beverley Golf Club, inclement weather forced the meeting indoors, with the appropriate social distancing, for an 'Ask The Examiner' session.

With two RoSPA examiners present, Chris Hood and John Summerfield, the group has plenty of experience to call upon!

Subjects covered were:


Overtaking where solid white lines are present

20mph restrictions within redressed roads surfaces


Dealing with errors on test

With two examiners, Chris Hood and John Summerfield present, the members had lost of experience to draw on!

The group also congratulated Jo Bowers on passing her bike test and Bob Stephenson on gaining his Gold RoSPA qualification.

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