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They're all Certifiable!

Before the CoVid-19 lockdown, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) held a Foundation and Refresher course for up-coming and seasoned Group Tutors.

E-YARD are growing and have recruited from within their ranks four trainee Group Tutors, three for motorcycles and one car.

The group approaches the training of tutors seriously with all Tutors undergoing this initial course and then a refresher annually.

Once this course is completed, E-YARD recognise this by way of in-group certification.

Congratulations to trainee tutors, Mike Allen, Paul Taylor, Paul Morton and Rod McAndrew, and to already qualified Tutors, Ian Streets, Denise Rose, Jo Bowers, Mark Kelk, Julian Taylor and Pippa Unwin, who were physically present as well as Guy Gregory, Andy Trevor and Andrew Brittan who joined by video link.

Congratulations to all.

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