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Into November and Beyond!

It's been a little quiet as the Autumn turns to Winter and the weather starts to throw its worse at us!

Just a little update regarding whats coming up over the winter months!

Wednesday 20 November - E-YARD are being represented at the Leconfield Road Safety event. This is a closed event (not open to the general public)

Wednesday 27 November - Monthly E-YARD meeting at Beverley Golf Club commencing at 1930hrs.

Topic has yet to be confirmed, but it will be something to look forward to on a lousy,

cold winters night!

Dave & Chris Cross are selling tickets for a prize/raffle draw, so bring your pocket money with you!

Thursday 28 November - The 5-Ways 'Big Event' will see E-YARD representatives there by special invitation. If anyone would like to be involved with this, just chatting with customers about what we do, please let us know. Otherwise, pop along for a bit of a social!

There will be discounts on a lot of products if you can't wait for Santa, McAMS will have one of their sponsored race riders there, and there will be a trauma specialist to give information on roadside first aid.

Looking forward to December, the Christmas 'Do' takes place Saturday 7 December. It's 23.95 a head for a three course meal. Contact Carolyne Fearon if you haven't yet booked.

If you want to join in, there will be a Secret Santa, buy a gift for no more than a fiver (five pounds) wrap it and see who gets yours - but don't tell! Everyone will look for the surprise on your face when you get yours too!

The raffle tickets will be on sale again.

There won't be a formal group meeting as the fourth Wednesday falls on Christmas Day!

The January group meeting will take place on Wednesday 22 January and will be a Review of the 2019 Season!

The prize/raffle draw will take place at this event.

Please bring your RoSPA Driving or Riding Certificates with you if your test or re-test was in 2019

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