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Good-Bye, Good Friend

Dave's final ride was taken with a motorcycle escort provided by E-YARD at the request of his wife, Sue.

On arrival at the chapel, Dave's family, friends and colleagues were treated to his choice of Lieutenant Pigeons "Mouldy Old Dough" setting the scene for as light hearted a service as these solemn occasions allow.

Dave had asked that attendees wear their football club colours rather than sombre clothing and as such the place was awash with colour.

After a wonderful eulogy, full of heartfelt warmth and humour by his brother, everyone said good-bye to Dave and then convened for a reception in his honour at Beverley.

E-YARD members then rode Dave's favourite roads to Scarborough where cake was eaten in celebration of his life

E-YARD Vice Chair, Jo Bowers commemorated Dave with her poem.

No other words are necessary


"Dave Hardwick was a genuine, funny, top-top man,

Cut far too short was his life span,

No malice in his words was ever heard,

A love of life, cake and bikes he shared,

Warm and friendly, a welcoming guy,

Open, honest but not one to pry,

Dave put the gentle into gentleman,

And we will remember him the best we can.

R.I.P. Dave Hardwick xx


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