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Dave Hardwick 1955-2019

It is with a heavy heart that E-YARD must announce the passing of Dave Hardwick, who left us on 17 July 2019.

Dave was from the other side of the Pennines but relocated to East Yorkshire many years ago with the family business.

Having been involved in Advanced driving before moving to Yorkshire, Dave joined the Hull IAM car group, then the bike group. When the ARB formed as a bike group he was one of the original members, along with his great friend Ian Streets.

Dave, along with Ian, joined E-YARD and the RoSPA family in August 2017, quickly establishing himself as a popular friendly and approachable member - perfect for a Tutor

After completing his RoSPA test with a Gold qualification in November of 2017, he was qualified as Advanced Tutor in September 2018.

Shortly after this qualification, Dave was diagnosed with a serious illness, but continued in delivering assistance and training and has been involved in the advancement of several members of E-YARD since qualifying.

Dave is survived by his wife and two step children.

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