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i2i Level One!

It all started on a cold winter night, in November, last year.

Tom Killeen from i2i Motorcycle Academy delivered a talk on his Academy of motorcycle control to the group and proved entertaining, interesting and thought provoking.

As a result of interest in the product a bespoke course was arranged for E-YARD (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire)

The course was held at Rufforth Air Field near York, so the gang met at Beverley for an early morning McD's coffee, courtesy of Hoody, and rode to the event en masse

Arriving at Rufforth for 0945, Tom welcomed everyone with a coffee and a few basics for the day.

Tom ran through the program, aims and objectives and got everyone to enlarge on what they wanted from the day.

This varied from slow speed riding to braking to U-turns

Starting with the science behind bike and human stability, cornering forces and countersteering Tom went on to demonstrate with props and then by demonstration riding before letting the group loose!

Body position, and machine dynamics were practiced, and confidence built up before a short dinner break.

After lunch, which included some M&S caramel crunch - only the best for E-YARD - the exercises continued with the dynamics of braking from high speed and advanced slow speed manoeuvring.

As the afternoon continued the group was treated to a flying display from HM Forces Chinook practicing on the other side of the airfield

The course came to a close with the group carrying out slow speed (tickover) circles using one hand! Everyone came away amazed at what their machines would do and having learnt how capable the bikes were - once you sorted the loose nut holding the handlebars out.

This was called the Level One course, basically a foundation course for future levels which everyone attending are planning to sign up for.

A great day, great learning and a must for anyone wanting to get the most out of their riding.

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