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MT Demo Day at 5-Ways

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders East Yorkshire (E-YARD) were approached by 5-Ways Motorcycle Centre to assist in escorted rides for their Yamaha MT Demo weekend.

Yamaha, who make the MT range of motorcycles, MT-03 (300cc), MT-07 (700cc), MT-09 (900cc) and MT-10 (1000cc) hold a promotional weekend for this range, annually.

Riders wanting to try the bikes were booked onto an organised hour long ride on a set route escorted by out riders - E-YARD tutors!

The route allowed the riders to experience the machines on a variety of roads, from multi carriageways, through to urban environments and then the stunning Wolds open country roads.

A great opportunity for exposure for the group working in a main dealership, with not only the riders engaged on the event, but also passing trade to engage with.

The day was enjoyed by the team members and their efforts greatly appreciated by Tim Robinson, 5-Ways principal.

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