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February Review '19

As February arrived, so did the winter! Airports were closed, snow blanketed areas of the country and the temperatures dropped to the lowest of the year.

This didn't stop the socialites of the group heading out for an evening on the town though! Dry-January was well and truly put to rest as Julia and Ivan celebrated birthdays!

Car training continued with Jo B and Dave P continuing to develop their relevant associates

As the cold weather lifted, it was business as usual as bike training continued, spearheaded by Rosie, assessing new member Neil Ford.

As mid February approached RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders East Yorkshire featured heavily in a two page spread in RoSPA' Care on the Road magazine with a special feature on Rosie.

Sunday 17 February was the date of the first Driver Progressive Development Course - the popular E-YARD (RoADAR East Yorkshire) developed master class for drivers which is a mini course for up to three members under one tutor.

This session was Dave Pattenden's inaugural turn as course lead, with Andy T and Charlie Lazenby under his guidance.

With such great weather, Sunday also saw Andy B and Chris H being led on a great social ride across the Wolds from Seaways to Thirsk (and back) by our media princess Rosie!

150 sMiles were enjoyed along with - of course Cake!

As February drew to a close the UK found itself bathed in sun with the warmest recorded February on record.

The temperatures reached 21 degrees which was ideal riding conditions for Paul's advanced riding test.

Continues good weather worked well for Charlie as he also passed his advanced car test!

Wednesday 27 was the monthly group meeting, which was held at the Beverley Golf Club.

The group was treated to a talk on Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Blow by John 'Norge' Wright!

The history and working of the internal combustion engine was covered in detail.

21 hours training was delivered in February, 9.5 bikes and 11.5 on cars

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