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Jo the Vice

The committee of E-YARD have got together and made a decision on behalf of members to appoint a member in then role of Vice Chair, to cover in the absence of other members of the committee.

The creation of this post will help administratively as the group expands and will take some of the pressure off other committee members and ensure smooth running and decision making.

Jo Bowers has taken this role, which will be reviewed and subject to election at the AGM along with all other 'officer' roles.

It is envisaged she will support John particularly when he is unable to make meetings or events, and deputize in cases where appropriate.

Jo is a Car Tutor and has been a group member for around 5 years.

A keen driver, as you would expect, she also does regular track day experiences and has a love of Lamborghini Aventador and Aerial Atoms!

She regularly rides pillion with other group members and is signed up for the next bike trip!

I hope you will all welcome and support Jo in this role

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