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February Review

Welcome to the February Review from E-YARD!

A quiet month overall, but members were still out and about in weather that varied from monsoon to blizzard and everything inbetween.

Associate member Carolyne treated herself to a new set of wheels, choosing the wettest week of the year to pick her beast up!

This didn't stop her racking up the miles though, and put some other members to shame!

Training continued through the month with both car and bike tutors being kept busy as new associates undertook their training and current ones continued under the watchful eyes of Dave P, Jules and Rosie

For the motorcyclists a deal was struck by E-YARD with Visorcat, a wash-wipe system for visor clearing which has been rolled out to RoSPA members nationally.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders magazine, Care on the Road published the E-YARD Progressive Driver Program report along with pictures of members, Andy Trevor, Jo Bowers, Alwyn Tolson and Chris Hood.

E-YARD are getting regular coverage in the Care on the Road, and anything individuals are involved in would be welcomed by it's editor.

Ian Streets commenced his training with Jules which was followed by a social ride with Hoody. Ian enjoyed a run around both the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Wolds - his bike was in severe need of a good clean afterwards though!

Un-seasonally pleasant weather resulted in an impromptu Sunday run out on the bikes with new associate John Burton receiving feedback from Rosie as a group of five made their way from ECMW to Whitby via some stunning roads. Andy B brought his mate Dave along and Hoody made up the group.

A ride over the North Yorkshire Moors via Grosmont and Goathland before tea at Thornton le Dale was enjoyed, but the temperature plummeted to 0 degrees as the sun hit the horizon!

The group meeting scheduled for the last day of the month however had to be cancelled due to 'The Beast from the East' a severe weather front which decided to arrive on the last day of winter!

Regretfully this meant the group couldn't enjoy a presentation form author and editor, Simon Weir on motoring magazine production and European touring.

This will be rearranged for a later meeting.

For a quiet month E-YARD have still been out there flying the flag!

Hopefully the Beast will move on very quickly, as March sees the initial 2018 Breakfast Club DRide on Sunday 18 March. Meeting at 8am for breakfast (hence the name!) at East Coast M/c World before heading north.

Come Join Us - Ride & Drive with New Skills

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