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E-YARD Accreditation

RoSPA's division that is responsible for local groups, RoADAR, has been developing an accreditation scheme to create a 'standard' for all groups to work towards and then comply with.

The consultation process has been ongoing for around two years with each group in the country having an opportunity to agree, disagree and discuss the various elements and tweak them within the guidelines to suit.

E-YARD has been pro-actively involved in this process, although a lot of the requirements in respect of tutor and group training were already in place and being developed.

E-YARD completed the accreditation application towards the end of last year as the process goes 'live' in April this year.

We are pleased to announce that E-YARD are now fully RoADAR accredited, meaning we are delivering advanced training to the highest possible civilian UK level with the highest level of accredited tutors.

Not only that, but E-YARD are the very FIRST accredited group under the scheme!

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