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View from the Chair - A Christmas Message

"2017 is drawing to a close.

Hull has the future after UK City of Culture to look forward to, RoSPA has the next century of safety campaigns to work on and E-YARD has………..grown!!

12 months ago E-YARD was almost unrecognisable compared with today.

Whilst numbers were increasing, progress was steady, and the days where the group nearly folded were still fresh in the memory of some members.

Nobody wanted to return to the dark days in the ASDA training room when those who attended were usually the members of the committee and not many others.

Things started gaining momentum, seemingly little things like being active in Bikesafe again, thanks to Chris who has connections, and later Rosie who has been through the process, but I will leave that there and let Rosie tell you about that.

Some social events at weekends helped introduce car drivers to the world of motorcycling, and somehow membership increased over the year. To be honest I am not really sure how, but… has. I am pretty sure none of this just happened, it must have been the result of a lot of behind the scenes work, and a fair bit of being out there in the public eye.

But the future and real strength of E-YARD are you, the associates who pay the membership fee and give the tutors (and committee) something to do. You then go on to pass your RoSPA Advanced Test and become members and hopefully some of you will go on to be tutors. If we can build on the successes of 2017 I think we have a future and hope you will continue to support and enjoy E-YARD.

At this juncture the Chairman takes great pleasure in thanking you all for your support to date and hopes you will continue to support us in 2018, and of course to wish all members of E-YARD a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and safe) New Year."

John (Norge)

RoADAR East Yorkshire (E-YARD)


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