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Mid month update - November

Golden Boys

Mid month news!!

Well what a month November has been up to now!!

Lizzy B achieved a Gold in her car test on 6 November, putting a stunning drive in which was celebrated at the monthly meeting by the whole group.

10 November saw Andy Brittan take his car test and also achieve another Gold grade (after being trained by Scarborough IAM) - Andy then joined E-YARD later the same day so we're claiming that one!

Andy is now going to commence his bike training with us having also achieved an IAM First on 16 November

Thursday 20 November saw Andy Trevor and Dave Hardwick both do their bike tests with two different examiners. Meeting at Seaways at the conclusion of the tests, the examiners awarded both a gold!

A big thank-you to the tutors, Dave Pattenden, who trained Lizzy, and Rosie who was responsible for both Dave and Andy's tuition.

Great news I'm sure you'll all agree!

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