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The Last Hurrah! Final BikeSafe of '17

E-YARD have supported Safer Roads Humber, Humberside Police BikeSafe throughout the 2017 season.

The weekend of September 9 & 10 saw the last BikeSafe of the 2017 season.

This event was one of only two, full weekend 'Workshops' this year.

The usual format of BikeSafe is a one day 'taster', comprising a morning theory session based on an interactive video and one to one input from a BikeSafe practitioner.

After tea and biscuits (of course!) the candidates then have a two hour practical riding session with either an advanced police rider or, as we supply, an advanced civilian rider from one of the Safer Roads Humber partners such as E-YARD (RoSPA/RoADAR).

The format of this is as a taster of what Advanced Riding can deliver. There are no demonstration rides just advice, feedback and encouragement to the candidates based on what the assessor observes.

BikeSafe strap line is "Bridging the Gap" - referring to the gap between passing the DVSA motorcycle (Cat A) test and Advanced riding.

However, the workshops extend the experience over two days and is a more immersive experience for the candidates. A true taste of what groups such as E-YARD can deliver

Day one is the same format as a normal BikeSafe, but day two is an extended assessed ride in a similar style to how an E-YARD lesson would be delivered.

This season finale was staffed by numerous professionals, with E-YARD being represented by John 'Norge' Wright and Denise 'Rosie' Rose.

A fantastic weekend which was thoroughly satisfying for both our Tutors and the candidates.

Whilst BikeSafe is aimed at encouraging riders to take up advanced riding our own associate Carolyne Fearnon attended to experience BikeSafe in addition to her tuition she is currently receiving from Norge!

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