A day of Views, Valleys, Whiffs and Water

On May 23 the group had it's first ride out - this event was aimed at both the motorcyclists in our group and the car drivers. Due to commitments only one car driver was able to attend.

There was however, something of a twist to this....read on.....

Being a car-driving member of RoSPA E-YARD I never expected to be wearing a helmet with my legs straddling a machine behind a man (#noinnuendo’s here!).

I am usually a car driver but when I bumped into John W at work and he offered me a pillion I thought “Why not” as I will try almost anything once.

John said he had a helmet so I just needed warm gear.

Thank heavens for Facebook (never thought I’d hear myself say that!!).

I sent a message to the group, Rosie said she had something called ‘textiles’ and gloves and Chris brought boots and gave me a helmet he had spare……

Ta-Dah! One kitted out novice biker chick!

The day started badly.

I couldn’t find my bankcards, but more importantly, Rosie had a puncture…..Chris H to the rescue, hurrah!!

We met up at Seaways with Julian T, Dave, Alwyn and Gary H drinking Yorkshire Tea #properbrew and chatting until Rosie and Chris arrived – a bit if biker banter and we were off!

We stopped at several places for tea, tea and brunch, afternoon tea, ice cream and …oh yes, more tea #insomnia.

There was a bit of a down side to the day when we got to a ford (the road sign did say ‘often impassable’. Rosie stopped wanting to make sure everyone would get their bikes across okay. She saw some local lads playing on a rope swing and asked if it was deep.

“No” they said. Really?

Chris came down the hill, had a look and decided to drive carefully through but when he got to the other side he thought he’d ‘popped’ his radiator – thankfully not. Rosie followed, 2 across, 5 to go.

Alywn decided he'd go round and said to John:-

“Where shall I pick you up?” - little did we know how literal this could have been for us!

John set off across and was going well until about 2/3's of the way when we had a 'hairy' moment (see - biker speak already!) caused by slippery cobbles and just made it without hitting a marker post, although I am convinced his wing mirror took a breath in!