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East Coast Bike Night

The weekly Thursday Bike Night at East Coast Motorcycle World was really well attended tonight (20 April)

All manner of riders were there, from 'L' plated 125's up to super tourers and adventure bikes as well as a smattering of sports bikes.

A good contingent of E-YARD were present including our Chair, John Wright and Julian Taylor, the group training officer, as well as new member Kelvin Turner, signed up tonight, and provided with one of our new joining packs, and current associate Alwyn Tolson.

Advanced tutor Chris Hood and Trainee Tutor Denise Rose were also present with 'Rosie' being congratulated on passing the written part of her tutor course earlier in the week!

By the time tea and coffee had been consumed the sun had gone down and a night ride was enjoyed as the E-YARD members were last to leave.

We are a sociable bunch - well we do talk a lot!

E-YARD members are present every week at the East Coast Motorcycle World Bike Nights. If you want to find out more about us or simply have an informal chat about Advanced Riding come and see one of our group who will be happy to tell you about their experiences and what we're all about.

Come Join Us - Ride and Drive with New Skills!

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