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Low Cost Advanced Training

Did you know that YARD provide the lowest cost Advanced Rider and Driver training in the area?

Annual membership is only £15.00 and our initial joining fee, which includes a copy of Roadcraft, the Highway Code, Training Logbook and one to one training with a dedicated Tutor as well as initial assessment is only £20.00.

Other training bodies will charge twice this for the same service!

This makes us great value for money as we train you to become a safer Rider/Driver which will in turn help save money on riding/driving costs through better use of your vehicle to reduce running and servicing costs.

Becoming an advanced Rider/Driver helps reduce accidents and improve road safety, not just for the individual but for the benefit of all road users.

It will also improve your enjoyment of Riding/Driving by having more control and understanding of your vehicle and the highway.

Details of regular meetings are on the website, so just turn up and see what you think with no obligation. We will arrange a free taster session to see if Advanced Riding/Driving and YARD are for you - what have you got to lose!

Contact us for more details - We're quite a social bunch too!

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