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RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle and Car tests are considered to be the highest level available for civilian riders and drivers. The test is based on the System of Motorcycle/Car Control which is explained in the police riders and drivers handbook- Roadcraft Manual

Test Grades


Roadcraft is the UK's police handbook that outlines a system of car and motorcycle control split into five phases represented by the acronym IPSGA:

  1. Information received from the outside world by observation, and given by use of signals such as direction indicators, headlamp flashes, and horn; is a general theme running continuously throughout the application of the system by taking, using and giving information;

  2. Position on the road optimised for safety, visibility and correct routing, followed by best progress;

  3. Speed appropriate to the hazard being approached, attained via explicit braking or throttle control (engine braking), always being able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear on your side of the road;

  4. Gear appropriate for maximum vehicle control through the hazard, selected in one shift; and

  5. Acceleration for clearing the hazard safely.

The taking, using and giving of Information is, arguably, most important and surrounds (and drives) the five phases IPSGA. It may, and often should, be re-applied at any phase in the System.

This grade is recognised as the highest award available to members of the public.  It will be awarded only to the polished systematic individual who displays a complete understanding and appropriate application of the principles outlined in Roadcraft and the Highway Code.  With all this in place those who acheive the gold standard will be able to make unobtrusive, planned, polished progress with safety and within the law.

This grade will be awarded to those who are well above average. These individuals will produce consistently safe and systematic progress but perhaps without the final polish, flair and smoothness of the gold holder.  They will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the System  and the Highway Code.

This grade will be awarded to those whose performance is significantly above the standard required to pass the DVSA ‘L’ test.  They will show a basic knowledge of Roadcraft, and the Highway Code, but lack the ability to apply the System consistently throughout the test.  They should be entirely safe, observing traffic signs, responding correctly to hazards and should display advanced techniques.

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