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TNT 6-21-1

The first TNT (Thursday Night Trundle) of June had a glorious sunny evening start at Beverley with 10 bikes attending, and a pick up en-route (the Chair would you believe!) to attend Papas Fish and Chip shop in Cleethorpes.

With so many bikes it was decided to split into two groups with Rosie leading one (you just know what's going to happen don't you...) and Hoodie the second.

The route was basically Humber Bridge, come off at the first roundabout to avoid A15 to avoid roadworks further along, and head to South Ferriby turning south in the village then 'twisty routes' on Sally Sat-Nav!

Rosie's group set off first and at the said roundabout went straight on at the roundabout!

Hoodie went the prescribed route and picked up the Chair who joined in at the back of the pack.

Menawhile, a couple of diversions due to roadworks later, and Rosies sat-nav deciding it would "do it's own thing", meant they head way off course, south and west before finding a route that was open, with Kelvin using his 'local' knowledge!

Arriving at the peir in Cleethorpes, the home of Papa's - The Worlds Biggest Fish and Chip Shop - Hoodie's group had almost finished their fayre on arrival of group one!

To no avail, there was plenty of time for some socialising, with new members, Mike Cook and Phil Johns, and Mark's pillion Kay enjoying a warm welcome to club from all members.

The group rode back as one from Cleethorpes through Grimsby and on to Ulceby, cross country back to the north side of the Humber, members dropping off as they closed to their homes.

A great night again. The next one TNT 6-21-2 is on 10 June - See you there!


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