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Inaugural TNT by E-YARD

T-N-T = Thursday Night Thrash by E-YARD.

Or in other words, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders East Yorkshire weekly evening rideout!

First one of the season as the nights grew long enough to allow daylight until almost 9pm.

Meeting at our usual spot in Beverley, 8 members turned up. To comply with Covid guidelines the group was split in 2 groups of four

Hoodie led one group, Dave Scott the other.

The destination was chosen as Thompsons Fish and Chip shop on the A64 near York (///aviators.kindest.receiving)

Hoodie took a route that was based on the principal of 'Ooo! That looks like a nice road'

Dave took a slightly more direct route and they arrived at the venue a few minutes ahead.

A good chin wag over a fish supper

The ride back was a slightly more direct one, that got decidedly colder as the sun lost it's energy, with the boys (no girls turned up) turning off towards their respective abodes.

Neils comment summed it up in four words "An awesome ride out" - it was only a 120 mile ride, but it's about the journey and the company - and they were, indeed Awesome

TNT by E-YARD will be a weekly event throughout summer and into early Autumn, meeting at 1745hrs at Halfords, Beverley ( /// )


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