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E-YARD's Roadmap out of lockdown

The new government roadmap is now starting to roll out and we are likely to be able to return to motorcycle training very soon.

The committee have had a virtual meeting and would like to layout our groups roadmap to return to delivering advanced training.

We have delivered virtually no training for a year, and have decided it would be prudent to check ride all tutors prior to recommencement.

By doing so E-YARD can Quality Assure (QA) what we deliver maintains the highest standards of training in the area.

As we work on a one to one basis we intend to ensure that everyone is up to speed, not just jump in as soon as we can, just because we can.

From 29 March, as it currently stands, groups of 6 from different households will be able to meet outside.

This phase is planned to last until 6 April when outside venues will reopen and groups of 6 can meet.

Sometime during the week between 29 March and 6 April the advanced tutors, Denise Rose, Ian Streets and Chris Hood will check test one anothers skills.

Dependent on how quickly this can be achieved, between them they will split the tutor team equally and check test all the group tutors, hopefully before the end of April.

Once each tutor is QA'd they can then restart training. They will contact their associates and arrange training following whatever social distancing roles are being advised at the time.

As the social distancing roles are eased/withdrawn, E-YARD will get back to formal meetings in whatever setting is acceptable under guidelines. This is unlikely to be prior to July, given the government's anticipated roadmap doesn't stop social distancing until 21 June.

Rideout's will be reviewed as lockdown restrictions are lifted, and may be able to restart in limited numbers (rule of six) either formally or on an ad hoc basis.

Government guidelines will dictate this.

Car training may be able to resume sooner than 21 June depending on how lock down is lifted, how individual tutors feel about getting in someone else's vehicle, vaccination status etc.

Car tutors will also be QA'd similarly to the bike tutors, again subject to lockdown restrictions and other socially comfortable aspects.

Salient points are to check test the motorcycle advanced tutors and then check test the tutor team so we can 'go live' fully for our associates in May.

Car tutoring is planned to recommence as soon as practicable, hopefully by the start of July.


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