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An Update on E-YARDs Covid Road-Map


When the government announced the road-map out of lock down, E-YARD followed suit, publishing our own road-map. This road-map outlined how, as lock down became less restrictive, the club would start running back up to a fully functioning entity as we were pre Covid. This plan is now ahead of schedule, the advanced motorcycle tutors having all been Quality Assessed and now all motorcycle tutors have also been QA'd by the advanced tutor team. This programme was not due to be completed until the end of April, so we are a fortnight ahead of schedule.

This in turn has allowed E-YARD to restart tutor training, with one new tutor having been qualified in the same period and three others now being close to completing their qualification which will bring the tutor hub up to 10 group tutors and three advanced.

Motorcycle associates will, if they have not already, be contacted shortly to recommence training by their relevant tutors. Additionally six new members have signed up for training with E-YARD and their initial assessments should be completed before mid May. An outstanding effort by the advanced tutors and the rest of the team.

The first 'Coddiwomple' of the year has taken place within Covid guidelines, as E-YARD start the literal road back to normality.

Our next phase is to re-start car training, which we hope to recommence as soon as possible, once the process of QA has been completed. There are, obviously, more hurdles to recommence car training than there are motorcycles, due to the way it is delivered, the close proximity in the cabin of a car means extra measures will need to be in place. This may be ensuring face masks are worn, vehicles are sanitised or ensuring vaccinations have been administered. E-YARD intend to deliver the highest possible standards to our associates, so we ask for patience whilst this is worked through. Again, once the QA is completed, tutors will contact associates to recommence training.

Thank you to all members for your patience. It has been difficult over the past year, due to the pandemic. The club was really going from strength to strength, both car and bike disciplines, and it is hoped we can get back to, and build even more as the world begins to open up again. All members who were fully signed up at the commencement of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020 will continue to benefit from free membership until next April.


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