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January 19 Review

A quiet start to the month as everyone recovered from the excesses of Christmas!

Mid month saw Hoody, Paul M and new member Bob Stephenson take a bitterly cold ride out over the Wolds!

The cold didn't stifle the smiles though!

Wednesday 23 was a busy day, with a morning meeting of the -YARD Training Hub Julian T - Training Officer, Rosie - Advanced Motorcycle Tutor/Membership Secretary, Dave P - Advanced Car Tutor and Hoody - Tutor Trainer/Group Secretary.

Roles within the Training Hub were defined and the decision made that Dave P would run the car side Tutor Program, identifying potential tutors and developing them.

Rosie would do likewise with the bike side.

Both Cars and Bikes would remain one team and the current format would continue as it was beneficial to both disciplines.

Julian will oversee the allocation and development of associates.

The monthly group meeting took place the same evening at Beverley Golf Club with a superb turnout including a couple of new members, who were presented with an masterclass overview of RoadCraft

Saturday 26 January saw Hoody, Jo, Jules, Andy B and Ian head to York for the RoADAR Road Show at the Railway Museum

It was nice to see the RoADAR/RoSPA HQ team come out to speak to the groups locally resulting in some interesting dialogue between attendees and HQ staff.

Louise Goodman from ITV Motor Sport was an excellent guest speaker.

The conference looked at technology in vehicle and how it should be dealt with in respect of training and examining, how to appeal to younger drivers, having looked at the demographic for casualties, whether and how social media could be used by groups and how to tutors can be properly appreciated at both local and national level.

A busy weekend continued on Sunday 27 with the group attending the Hall in Beverley for the inaugural Humberside Fire & Rescue 'Biker Down' event

The group had twelve members attending Humberside Fire & Rescue service' Biker Down event.

Presented by Dale Turrell, and Dave Prideaux the course looked at basic scene management, first aid, biker helmet removal and conspicuity.

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