October Breakfast Club - The Wet One!

October 14, 2018


October was always a gamble in the weather stakes!

The tail end of Storm Callum brought wet weather which, our Weather Girl Rosie assured us would clear by 10am.  Trouble was we'd met at 8am!

The Golf Club supplied copious amounts of tea, to the hardy RoADAR East Yorkshire (E-YARD) riders, but at the suggestion of getting out on the road Jo B displayed her opinion quite graphically!


Leaving about 9:20 Rosie, Andy T, Alwyn, new member Malcolm and Hoody with Jo B as pillion left Beverley and head onto the fantasitc B1248 north.  The intention had been to head to Helmsley for a comfort stop and then head out to Tan Hill.

As the gang rode further north the sky darkened and the rain persisted.

At Helmsley Hoody led to the farm shop at Beadlam for a welcome cuppa and cake!

The temperature dropped considerably, and added to the wetness from the rain Chris and Jo utilised blankets in the farm shop to get warmed up - there was a flavour of Star Wars about the look though!