Drivers Making Progress!

October 7, 2018




RoSPA East Yorkshire - E-YARD, ran another Driver Progressive Development Course on Saturday 6 October.


Again led by Group Tutor Andy Trevor, this time with assistance from fellow Tutors Julian Taylor and Jo Bowers.


The format was the same as previously with turns being taken to be tutored and then observing others being tutored


It also served as a peer-to-peer quality check for the tutors, feeding back on one anothers performance, part of the ongoing process to raise and maintain the quality of (E-YARD) training standards


Meeting point was McDonald's, Beverley, with Guy and Charlie who are car associate's. 



It started by splitting the group into a 3 and a 2 for training. Andy was with Guy and Jo, Julian went with Charlie.

First thing was a legal check for Guy as he was driving, eye site check was also done.

Guy was asked about his car and about a moving brake test to get him thinking!

Initially straight into town and with 20 and 30 mph limits covered ,this crew left Beverley and covered 40, 50 and NSL roads.

They then also covered country, single track roads and national speed limit roads and on to dual carriageway.


Julian and Charlie covered the same mix of roads, this drive also serving as an initial assessment for Charlie.


Returning to the starting point after about 50 minutes of driving for a coffee and debrief, there were some very good points for Guy to improve on and some good discussion points Jo and Guy to talk about.


Charlie was debriefed after his first 'advanced' drive and given advice and pointers by Julian


A change of associate's with tutors, Guy to Julian and Charlie to Andy and Jo.

It was Jo's turn to drive with Charlie in the back to observe and write his observations down.



Covering the same route for Jo, who delivered a commentary drive so Charlie could see what we do!


A stop for lunch followed with a debrief on Jo from Andy and Charlie


Julian debriefed his drive with Guy, stating Guy had taken on board what Andy and Jo had fed back.



RoSPA East Yorkshire Tutors utilise printed card Highway code and RoadCraft 'crib cards' which are a great training tool.  The cards offer random questions on a myriad of areas of advanced driving.


Both Guy and Jo selected cards to answer.



Finally it was time for Andy to get a taste of his own medicine in the driving seat as Guy had to get home to celebrate (what was left of) his wedding anniversary!

Andy had with 3 people watching and taking notes.