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Long Distance Ladies!

A little mid-summer madness from a couple of E-YARD ladies!

Both relatively new riders, Carolyne Fearon and Julia Nendick, E-YARD Associates signed up for the Royal British Legion Iron Butt Ride 2018.

Choosing the 500 mile challenge for the annual charity poppy run, the intrepid pair set off with numerous other riders to complete the challenge from Squires in West Yorkshire.

The challenge was to complete 500 miles in 24 hours and provide proof of their route and mileage.

In Carolyne's own words, here's how it went!

"We chose to do the Northern clockwise route, bad idea as Rain , rain and more rain, thunderstorms and lightening followed us, very frightening but we soldiered on.

Mindless cars showering us to add to our soggy look!!

Indicators, odometer and heated grips decided to pack in and had to signal with arms for cars and legs for my angel Julie to tell her which way we were going lol!

Fabulous route if it was bright and dry to see the views... we went into a petrol station the wrong way and had to reverse our bikes to the pumps!!

You didn't really read that he met my cousins at Maryport and gained monies on our travels too.

We even added a Madhatters Tea Room at Coldstream, who was a biker too!

Oh, and hormonal sat nav, luckily I had written instructions too lol.

Julies hands were purple from her gloves being that wet, and soggy reciepts.

We did loose one another at one point, but soon were reunited.

Dead deers, gravel and muck added to our challenge and mad aerobics at the road sides to ease our aches. Not alot of sleep prior or after the ride due to snorers and bikers lights waking you as they returned.

But, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland, Northumberland and Yorkshire in one day makes you realise how accessible places really are."

"For other novices like us, go for it, the world is your oyster, and advanced riding tuition gives you that confidence to go out and do it.!

Carolyne Feraon and Julia Nendick - We did it!!!!

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