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April Review

April saw the inaugural meeting for E YARD at our new meeting place - East Coast Motorcycle World (ECMW).

With it's excellent facilities - cafe, interactive TV's, large meeting area - it was welcomed by members old and new.

The meeting saw five new members choosing to join.

E YARD's transition from ERY-RoADAR continued with support from RoSPA HQ and updates on the national website with links to E YARD website and supply of merchandise as well as acceptance of the "rebrand" at national level.

The electronic membership and payment system was introduced, making application simple and quick.

The new membership packs also became available this month with new members receiving the new branded Training Log books, stickers, membership cards, Highway Code, RoadCraft book, pen and pouch for the (lowest in area) price of £20.00

Our host meeting place, ECMW was the venue for motorcycle nights (every Thursday) and has seen representatives from E YARD present every meeting.

E YARD tutors have assisted Humbersdie BikeSafe in the delivery of the scheme by providing observers for assessed rides. Our chair, John Wright went through the whole theory course before delivering the on-road aspect giving him an insight into it.

E YARD's first social ride/drive -out took place on St Georges day, with a tour of the North Yorkshire Moors and coastline. When we say drive, Jo Bowers chose to ride pillion instead of drive and experienced "something different" when (some members of) the group forded a river crossing! A great, and memorable day out - let's say the bar for future events has been set pretty low!

E YARD's new apparel samples arrived and wil be available to order form May onward.

April also saw the tri-annual re-test of Julian Taylor, requalifying at Gold, and Denise Rose qualifying as a group motorcycle tutor.

The group welcomes Dave Knowles, Kelvin Turner, Col Herring, Patrick Lucid, Daniel Ball and Carolyne Fearon as new members!

All in all a fantastic month for E YARD!

The group AGM will be held at ECMW, 1930hrs, Tuesday 4 May.

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